Voice Maintenance

Voice Maintenance sessions are designed on a strictly one to one basis. Each voice user is assessed holistically taking into consideration physiology, vocal mechanism and lifestyle. After consultation Lucinda works alongside the client to build a sustainable and versatile instrument.

This service helps ‘bridge-the-gap’ between Vocal Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Performance. It runs alongside the physiotherapy and ultra-sound services, mutually reinforcing what is offered by the clinic to its patients.

After the physical release of specific laryngeal muscle groups, it is paramount that voice users maintain a healthy and sustainable vocal set-up. This works by building up a bespoke vocal exercise program and techniques for both the speaking and singing voice. This can be part of post surgery care, before or whilst returning to full voice use. It can also be part of a voice improvement plan for singers, actors, dancers and public speakers.

Unique combinations of monitored techniques create a strong platform for any actor, singer or voice user to regain and maintain vocal health.

Lucinda works alongside Director & Head Clinician Ed Blake, at Physio Ed Medical located on Harley Street, in London’s West End.


Lucinda is an excellant communicator and I am thoroughly impressed with her theoretical and practical skills.


I really enjoyed working with Lucy. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and will stop at nothing to help you discover your natural voice. When I went to see her with a voice problem I had been experiencing for several months, she immediately put me at ease and instilled in me the confidence I needed to locate and work with a voice I thought I had lost. She is patient and determined and her enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you Lucy!

professional Actress