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Are you unlocking the full potential of your voice?

Voice Unlocked

Vocal Coach for
Voice, Singing & Voice Maintenance

Helping you unlock and free the possibilities within your unique body and voice.


Free your voice with one of London’s top vocal coaches

  • ‘Go to’ person for voice optimisation, or those in need of a vocal MOT

  • One of the first Breathing Coordination specialists in the UK

  • Fully Qualified Teacher, Senior Teaching Fellow & Mentor. 

  • Over 15 years of professional experience

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Bodywork, MDH Breathing Co-ordination , & Creativity are the pillars of Lucinda's practice in delivering a bespoke & holistic approach for each client. Here are some of the specialist areas that can be embedded into a single or series of sessions with Lucinda.

  • Vocal Technique & Anatomy

  • Performance/ Stylistic awareness

  • Breathing Co-ordination

  • Voice Health, Maintenance & Sustainability

  • Articulation/ Accent Coaching/Phonetics

  • Primal Sound/ Primitive Voice

  • Presentation Training/ Motivational Speaking 

  • Mentorship/ Consultation


Lucinda is a strong believer that every person can have a free, dynamic voice, and has devoted her life to delivering practical techniques to support her clients.

What is MDH Breathing Coordination?

MDHBC is centred around optimising the respiratory function and, therefore, positively impacting vocal function.


Your voice as an instrument is more than just your larynx and your abdomen; it is your entire body.


MDH sessions improve the integration and coordination of your body, breath and voice.


This method is incorporated where necessary to improve the ease of singing and speaking; it can prevent and treat the onset of vocal fatigue and unnecessary tension, empowering you to better understand your voice and instrument. 

What the experts say…

How to book a session

Follow the link to the online booking page where you check availability and book your session.  The first session is designed to discuss your needs and requirements and build a plan to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. In every session, the aim is to have a ‘take away’ to begin unlocking your vocal aspirations.

Booking Options

  • Online Consultation Session 

  • 121 In Person coaching for Voice or Singing 

  • 121 Online session for Voice or Singing 

  • MDHBC Breathing Coordination Session

  • Full Vocal Assessement  

  • Group sessions for bands or duos are also available on request 

  • Conference, mentoring or training available on request

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